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China’s Traffic Accidents Down by 9.3% Year on Year in the First Half of 2010

July 14, 2010

According to the information released by the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, in the first half of this year, a total of 99,282 traffic accidents occurred, with 27,270 killed, 116,982 injured and a direct property loss of 410 million yuan, down by 9.3%, 12%, 10.6% and 5.3% year on year, respectively, including 15 extraordinarily serious road traffic accidents causing more than 10 deaths, an increase of 3 accidents year on year.

China’s road traffic accidents in the first half of this year show the following five characteristics:

Firstly, the death toll of each month in severe traffic accidents has been on the decline year on year, with the death toll caused by traffic accidents down by over 10% in the critical period of the New Year’s Day, the Spring Festival, the May Day holiday, the Dragon Boat Festival and the College Entrance Examination. The mortality from traffic accidents caused by motor drivers’ offences dropped by 12.8% year on year and the mortality resulted from driving while intoxicated was down by 37.5%. The death toll resulted from accidents on the national and provincial expressways declined by 13.19% year on year.

Secondly, the number of extraordinarily serious traffic accidents resulted by the offences of commercial vehicles is on the rise. Among 15 extraordinarily serious traffic accidents causing more than 10 deaths, 10 were resulted by the commercial vehicle offence, up 4 year on year, 7 were caused by over speeding and 5 by trans-provincial passenger vehicles. Overloading problem is prominent for some commercial passenger vehicles.  
Thirdly, traffic accidents on the expressways are on the rise, many of which are rear-end collision accidents resulted from fatigue driving, over speeding and illegal parking.

Fourthly, the proportion of traffic accidents caused by small-sized automobiles in rural areas is increasing. The traffic accidents caused by illegal loading (e.g. illegal carrying passenger and over loading) and unlicensed driving are accounting for a higher proportion than that of the national average level in the same type of traffic violations. 

Fifthly, the traffic accidents caused by bad weather are on the rise, with 31.2% of road traffic accidents occurred in cloudy and rainy, snowy and foggy days, an increase by 11.7% year on year.

Now is the hot summer season when is likely to induce accidents due to fatigue driving, over speeding, illegal overtaking and tire burst. The Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security hereby provides all traffic participants with following tips: strictly obey road traffic laws and regulations; pay attention to check your vehicle before driving; keep a safe driving speed and do not illegally overtake or meet another vehicle from opposite direction and do not occupy the emergency lane of expressways and; when traveling, do not take flammable and explosive articles to vehicles, do not take over-loaded passenger vehicles, low-speed trucks, tricycle automobiles and tractors. In addition, please do not take the disposable lighter, vehicle perfumes, and carbonated drinks, etc. into vehicles for the prevention from spontaneous combustion of vehicle.

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