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The Beijing Traffic Management Bureau,which is subordinated to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, is one of the capital city’s functional departments in charge of its road traffic safety. Its main functions are as follows:

Directing the flow of road traffic, carrying out traffic control,regulating traffic order, rectifying and penalizing illegal traffic actions, participating in...



A.Traffic Management Department

Beijing Traffic Management Bureau
Address: No.1 Fuchengmen North St, Xicheng Dist, Beijing, 100037

Tel: 86-10-87625150

B.Exit and Entry Management Department

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China
Address: No. 2, Chaoyangmen Nandajie, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100701

Tel: 86-10-58619900

C.Driving Training School for Foreigner, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Compatriot and Overseas Chinese

Oriental Fashion Driving Training School: automobile training
Tel: 86-10-58061999
Add: Luhua West Road, Huang Cun, Daxing Dist.