Section 11
Registration on vehicle’s ownership transfer to the transferee
whose residence address is not within the city limits

The transferee (current vehicle owner) should have the vehicle verified and submit following documents within 30 days after the transaction.

I. Required documentation

2. Vehicle current owner’s and, if applicable, agent’s original and photo copy of identification document Note, if the current owner is a company and its location is not in Beijing, photo copy of may be used as its identification and there is no need to put the company’s stamp on the application form.

(1) For foreign embassy, consulate or international organization’s China representative office: identification document must be issued by the embassy, consulate or international organization

(2) For foreign funded enterprise or foreign enterprise’s Beijing representative office: ‘Organization Code Certification’ and business license or foreign enterprise’s Beijing representative office’s registration certification.
If the foreign enterprise has already withdrawn from China, canceled its business registration or gone bankrupt, and the vehicle’s registration must change, for withdrawn enterprise, identification document is the proof certificate issued by industry and commerce administration. For withdrawn organization, identification document is the proof certificate issued by its upper administration. For bankrupt enterprise, identification document is the proper documentation issued by a qualified registered liquidator.

(3) For individual foreigner: passport and residence permit
For Hong Kong and Macau resident: Travel pass to the mainland
For Taiwan resident: Travel pass to the mainland and residence permit

(4) For employee of foreign embassy, consulate and international organization’s China office: valid identification document issued by Ministry of foreign Affairs of P.R.C.Vehicle owner and, if applicable, agent’s proof of identification (original document and one copy)

3. Original vehicle registration card

4. Original title

5. License plates

6. For vehicle that was released from the custody of customs requires the original issued by the customs

7. Original and copy of vehicle legal ownership proof documents
(1) Traded vehicle: invoice issued by the second hand car market

(2) Vehicle in which ownership was transferred after intercession or ruling by the People’s Court: the effective , or and related

(3) Vehicle in which ownership was determined by an arbitrator: and the issued by the People’s Court

(4) Vehicle inherited, donated, won in a lottery-drawing or taken as payment of debt: heritage document, donating document, lottery document or debt payment document and its notarized deed

(5) Vehicle that was included in a capital rearrangement or within a capital trade package: approval documents from the Capital Management Department

(6) Vehicle that was stolen and compensated by the insurance company to the previous owner but later was found by the Public Security Department: issued by the insurance company

8.“rubbing label of vehicle’s identification number (frame number)”* Remark: “rubbing label” is to use a pencil to "rub" the vehicle’s identification number (frame number) onto a piece of paper.

II. Processing time
3 days after accepting the application

Other regulations
When a vehicle is detained, confiscated and later sold at an auction or it’s ownership is transferred after an intercession or ruling by the People’s Court, and the vehicle’s previous owner does not provide its current owner with the vehicle registration card and vehicle title, the ‘execution assisting notice’ issued by the People’s Court or the ‘absence of vehicle registration and/or vehicle title’ certificate issued by the law execution department will be used to conduct the transaction.

Rejection of registration application
1. Invalid certification or documentation provided by vehicle owner

2. Modification made on vehicle legal ownership proof documents, or the name of owner on the ownership proof documents does not match the name of applicant

3. Certification or documentation submitted does not match the vehicle

4. Vehicle manufactured, sold without production permit from the state vehicle production administration, or imported vehicle without import certificate.

5. Vehicle’s technical data does not match the published bulletin issued by state vehicle production administration.

6. Vehicle reaches the national standard criteria for scrapping

7. Vehicle reported as stolen

8.Vehicle does not match the records in vehicle’s file.

9. Vehicle which is still under the custody of customs.

10.Vehicle is used as collateral during the time period

11. Vehicle or vehicle’s file is frozen and/or detained by the People’s Court, People’s prosecution office or law execution department

12. Vehicle involved in a traffic accident or some unsettling activity violating road traffic safety.

13. Inspection period expired prior to completion of technical safety inspection

14. Other situation not aligned with the law or regulations

Restricted Number

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Handling the Accidents