Nine toll expressways link Beijing to its suburbs, outlying regions, and other cities.

Badaling Expressway
The Badaling Expressway connects Beijing to the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China. It runs from Madian to Badaling and Yanqing for a total of nearly 70 kilometres. Parts of the expressway run through hilly terrain.

Route: Madian (N. 3rd Ring Road) - Jianxiang (N. 4th Ring Road) - Shangqing (N. 5th Ring Road) - Huilongguan - Beianhe - Shahe - Baige (N. 6th Ring Road) - Changping District - Nankou - Badaling - Yanqing - Jingzhang Expressway
Speed Limit: 100 km/h, hilly portion 60 km/h
Tolls: As of 5th Ring Road, heading northwest

Jingcheng Expressway
The Jingcheng Expressway runs to Chengde and is currently completed from the northeastern 3rd Ring Road through to Gaoliying for 23 kilometres. It is one of Beijing's newest expressways. The entire expressway is slated for a 2006 completion.

Jingcheng Expressway

Route: Taiyanggong Bridge (N. 3rd Ring Road) - Wanghe Bridge (N. 4th Ring Road) - Laiguangying (N. 5th Ring Road) - Huanggang - Yandan - Gaoliying (N. 6th Ring Road)
Speed Limit: 100 km/h throughout
Tolls: As of Jingcheng Rd. Toll Gate, heading north

Airport Expressway
Main article: Airport Expressway (Beijing)
The Airport Expressway to Beijing Capital International Airport runs for under 20 kilometres and is one of the most heavily-used expressways in Beijing. Despite this, traffic jams seem to be incredibly rare. However, Beijing authorities are planning two more expressways to link to the airport.

Airport Expressway

Route: Sanyuanqiao (N. 3rd Ring Road) - Siyuan Bridge (N. 4th Ring Road) - Dashanzi - N. 5th Ring Road - Beigao - Yanglin Road - Xiaotianzu Road - Beijing Capital International Airport
Speed Limit: Maximum 120 km/h throughout (left lane only, others 100 km/h)
Tolls: As of Beigao, heading northeast

Jingtong Expressway
Main article: Jingtong Expressway
The Jingtong Expressway runs through to Tongzhou district for approximately 15 kilometres. It has no numbered expressway exits (except for one at the very beginning in central Beijing) and functions mainly as a city express route.

Route: Dawang Bridge - E. 4th Ring Road - Gaobeidian - E. 5th Ring Road - Shuangqiao - Huicun - Tongzhou or Ximazhuang and Jingha Expressway
Speed Limit: 100 km/h throughout as of Gaobeidian until Huicun, otherwise 80 km/h
Tolls: As of Shuangqiao, heading east

Jingha Expressway
Main article: Jingha Expressway
The Jingha Expressway was planned to run to Harbin, but has apparently been abandoned as of Yanjiao, Hebei. It is a short and rather old expressway.

Jingha Expressway

Route: Beiguan Roundabout - E. 6th Ring Road - Baimiao - Yanjiao - China National Highway 102
Speed Limit: 90 km/h throughout
Tolls: As of E. 6th Ring Road, heading east

Jingshen Expressway
Main article: Jingshen Expressway
The Jingshen Expressway to Shenyang runs for 658 kilometres and is one of the longest expressways to leave Beijing.

Route: Sifang Bridge (E. 4th Ring Road) - Wufang Bridge (E. 5th Ring Road) - Bailu Toll Gate - E. 6th Ring Road - Xianghe (Hebei) - Baodi (Tianjin) - Yutian - Lulong - Beidaihe Area - Shanhaiguan - Shenyang
Speed Limit: 110 km/h throughout (Tianjin section: 120 km/h)
Tolls: As of Bailu Toll Gate, heading east

Jingjintang Expressway
Main article: Jingjintang Expressway
The Jingjintang Expressway (or Jingtang Expressway) heads for Tianjin and Tanggu. However, due to the heavy onslaught of lorry traffic, it can get jammed up at times.

Route: Fenzhongsi (E. 3rd Ring Road) - Shibalidian (E. 4th Ring Road) - Dayangfang (E. 5th Ring Road) - Toll Gate - Majuqiao (E. 6th Ring Road) - Caiyu - Langfang - Yangcun - Yixingbu - Central Tianjin - Tianjin Airport - Tanggu
Speed Limit: 110 km/h throughout (except for the start in Beijing - 70 km/h or 80 km/h)
Tolls: As of Dayangfang Toll Gate, heading south-east

Jingkai Expressway
Main article: Jingkai Expressway
The Jingkai Expressway heads for Kaifeng, but is interrupted as of Yufa, Beijing, where the Beijing section ends. It continues as China National Highway 106.

Jingkai Expressway

Route (Beijing section): Yuquanying (E. 3rd Ring Road) - Xinfadi - Majialou (E. 4th Ring Road) - Toll Gate - 5th Ring Road - Daxing - Huangcun (E. 6th Ring Road) - Panggezhuang - Yufa - China National Highway 106
Speed Limit: 80 km/h before the toll gate at Xihongmen, 110 km/h afterwards
Tolls: As of Xihongmen Toll Gate, heading south

Jingshi Expressway
Main article: Jingshi Expressway
The Jingshi Expressway to Shijiazhuang is one of the oldest expressways in Beijing. In fact, it was China's first completed expressway.

Jingshi Expressway

Route: Liuliqiao (W. 3rd Ring Road) - Yuegezhuang (W. 4th Ring Road) - Xidaokou - W. 5th Ring Road - Dujiakan Toll Gate - Zhaoxindian - Daxing - Liangxing (Fangshan) - 6th Ring Road - Doudian - Liulihe - Hebei Toll Gate - Zhuozhou - Dingxing - Baojin Expressway - Baoding - Shijiazhuang
Speed Limit: 110 km/h throughout Beijing section, 120 km/h thereafter
Tolls: As of Dujiakan Toll Gate, heading southwest
Note: Tolls are not networked, and you need to pay again at the toll gate in South Beijing. However, tolls are networked with the 6th Ring Road.